snow plows clearing road in tandem


They're here to help - treat them with respect.

snow plows clearing snow in tandem

Don't tailgate and try not to pass

If you really have to pass, use extreme caution and never pass on the right.

snow plow on i 215

Give snow plows room to work

They are wide and can cross the center line or shoulder.

snow plows clearing snow in tandem

Snow plows frequently stop and back up

Stay back and give them plenty of room - you know, don't crowd the plow.

five snow plows in tandem

Stay back at least 200 feet

Following a snow plow too closely often results in broken windshields or damaged paint.

side view of a tow plow

Plows travel below the speed limit

Be patient and allow yourself plenty of space to slow down.

The UDOT app shows where snowplows are and where they have been

See UDOT Snow Plows

The UDOT traffic app and traffic website show where UDOT snowplows are and where they've been over the last half hour.

text: to report an issue with a snow plow - 801-965-4000

To report an issue with a UDOT snow plow

Call 801-965-4000 or e-mail