Slow down, move over and look where you want to go.

trooper looking into his car that was hit on the shoulder

Slow down - BEFORE you get near the crash site

You should be going under the speed limit to begin with. DO NOT brake hard when you are near the crash.

crash scene with car flipped upside down

Move over - if it is clear and safe to do so

If you can't move over a whole lane, don't panic - move as far to the left or right in your lane as possible and slow down.

crash scene of white car hitting trooper car

Do not brake suddenly

That can cause you to slide into the cars stopped on the shoulder.

uhp charger being put onto a tow truck

Look where you want to go - not at the vehicles on the shoulder

Focus on the road and look at the path you want to follow.

UHP car with side smashed in

This happens every winter

Troopers are hit, seriously injured or killed - please slow down and move over.

Watch a video showing how dangerous the should can be

Watch this video

See it and believe it - the road shoulder is extremely dangerous.

picture of road sign that says move minor fender benders off call 911

Move minor fender benders off the freeway

The road shoulder is dangerous - even when roads are dry.

UHP car with back smashed in

Help keep your troopers safe

We're working to keep you safe - help keep us safe: slow down, move over, look where you want to go.